Thoughts and Plans

by wjohngalloway

On the 4th of September I’m off on a road trip to Eurobike in the company of Alan, one of my oldest friends, and Scott, who I’ve only known for three years or so. It seemed prudent to get them in the same room to see if they hated each other, since we’ll be spending 4 days in a car together, so on Saturday we had a full house.
In attendance were Al, Scott, Ailsa, yours truly, sproggs Sarah, Alex, Angus, Neisha (Gus’s girlfriend) and Meagaidh the dog. I’m pleased to say a splendid time was had by all with topics ranging from Stalin to Salmond, from Son House to one legged budgies and from Hubert Sumlin to balding poodles. I’m delighted (and slightly embarrassed) that we’ve raised kids who can opine on such a diverse collection of topics.
I’m really excited about the trip now, we’ll have fun!
On a far less cheery note I’ve been following the unfolding tragedy on K2.
It’s easy at a distance to be philosophical and detached but I remember vividly the events of ’86 when I worked for Tiso’s and witnessed the grief of Maude Tiso for the very public passing of Al Rouse, a climber she knew and cared about.
Make no mistake, these folk are on the hill because they want to be and we shouldn’t grieve for them, but we should bear in mind that each death is a crushing blow for the families and friends they leave behind.
I can’t find any criticism of them within me, were I good enough I’d be on that hill in a heartbeat (unlike the Big E). It’s beautiful and captivating.

Update: As well as the tragic aspects there are some amazing tales of survival against all odds surfacing hour by hour, let’s hope there are more of these to come.