Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover ……..again

by wjohngalloway

I posted last night about watching Nigel Kennedy on The BBC proms and somehow deleted the post by accident! ;o( Doh!!!… and I got a nice comment from Elsie @ for me labeling the second set he did last night as “electric progressive jazz” as well!
After a nights sleep I’m still stunned by how moving his Elgar Violin Concerto was (and the rich, rich tone he produced) and I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed the Mahavishnuesque second set he did, with a cameo appearance by Jeff Beck and a great “Third Stone from The Sun” cover.
I may have trouble with the whole “faux geezer” speaking style and don’t particularly like the image he presents to the media (and he stole Roy Harper’s missus in the early 90s!) , but I’ll take him seriously as a musician again. If you missed it live, you should watch. Link

p.s Kudos to Sastre for the TT of his life……..the careful, measured Tour he’s ridden, virtually invisible save for one grand but credible exploit on the Alp, means there’s a fair chance he might even be clean.
Chapeau Carlos!