by wjohngalloway

I’m struggling to get a grip on the iPhone camera. It’s the only feature that I don’t think is even close to being what it needs to be. It produces blurry crap or lovely pictures and there seems to be no technique or mojo I can bring to bear that in any way helps decide which it’ll be! I quite like this fragment of a weird farm gate, but equally I’ve had shots that I thought I’d love turn out horrid. Help!

Most excited about the forthcoming lads road trip from Peebles to Friedrichshafen for the Eurobike show then back again. Mega! (fancy a jaunt AAH?)

Finally, can’t help but comment on todays Tour stage up “The Alp”. Magnificent, even if it was lacking titans. My only worry is that both potential tour winners look like bags of washing on a bike. Evans in particular looks like he’s trying to strangle his bike whilst dad dancing with it. ;o( Bring back stylists like Roche or even Armstong!