Tour de Force?

by wjohngalloway

OK, I’m watching Le Tour on ITV 4. The most open race in years, thrilling racing with seconds splitting the leaders. Evans has the advantage of just needing to keep the others within sight since on paper he’ll spank them in the time trial.
But……..I miss the time of the Titans. Watching this years race feels like watching the Roman Empire circa AD69.
You have folk who frankly aren’t in the same league as their predecessors battling for cycling’s biggest prize. Let’s be realistic, it’s likely pretty much everyone drugged back in the day (and now?)….but on a level playing field Bahamontes, Coppi, Fignon, Hinault, Lemond, Jan the Man, Merckx, Big Mig, Armstrong et al would still have been the cream that rose to the top, so they still deserve our respect.
I don’t know, the Tour’s still magnificent, it just feels……..diminished. :o(