Sorry, tech content. ;o(

by wjohngalloway

The iPhone Dev Team came up with the goods and I now have an unlocked, jailbroken iPhone running the new 2.0 software. The new software is a very worthwhile improvement on 1.1.4.
But…….the App Store has moved the goalposts and may well make this the first in a new category of handheld computers that happen to make phone calls.

Video Player? Yep, it’s fun even when watching full length feature films.
Music, Audio Book and Podcast player? Yep, great sound once you upgrade the awful Apple ‘fones.
Guitar Tuner? Yep, and very accurate.
Personal Organizer? Yep syncs flawlessly with Omnifocus on my Mac.
Mapping device? Yep, hugely useful on our recent trip to Paris.
Gaming Device? Oh yes! Loving Crash Bandicoot Nitro Racing, Chess, iPint and Bejewelled.
Photo Viewer? Fantastic. Intuitive, great screen, easy pinch and zoom, my mum used it without my help today to browse our holiday photos.

In the week I was without the iPhone I realized how much I’d come to rely on it. The App Store has made it indispensable.
Ignore it at your peril!