Thoughts on Teles n’ stuff.

by wjohngalloway

OK, first things first, I really wasn’t in the mood to post about my new geetar yesterday…hell I wasn’t even in the mood to play guitar after hearing about Vince’s death. His funeral is on Thursday and his pupils have been asked to take a guitar along and as I passed his house today whilst postiing his guitars etc were still arranged in the conservatory he used for teaching as if just waiting for him. It made an impact… Maudlin? Yep….but it made me realise is how important these bits of wood and wire (and to AAH the associated thermionic alchemy) are to us. If folk asked me to define who I am then guitarist would come pretty high on the list.
So what do I think of the Larkin Tele?
Well the woodworking is gorgeous, beautifully made with the odd telltale sign that it was crafted by a human….. the rounding of the fingerboard edge, the curve of the transition from neck to headstock…organically beautiful (wank) in a way that CAD machining just isn’t. Hard to define, just there.
But the bottom line for me is that a Tele is a functional tool and on that level it performs just as I wished. It should be noted that I’ve always loved Teles and have played dozens looking for the right one, without success.
The Kinman pickups are incredible and a set for my strat is high on my must purchase list. Great tone and virtually noiseless (but still single coil!).
The most telling thing is that I’ve just been leaving the amp set on a crunch tone (think early ZZ top) and varying the sound from clean to classic blues/rock overdrive by changing pickups, picking harder or softer, or using the secret Kinman 4th postion on the Tele pickup selector.
Frankly, I can see myself just finding the perfect crunch tone on the amp, leaving it there all the time and controlling it from the geetar and maybe adding a tube screamer if I need to.
So, after a day? I think I may be on the verge of becoming monogamous on the electric guitar front!
I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed just listening to Gus play it for an hour without touching the amp once last night whilst veering wildly from jazz to hard rock to Hendrix. Versatile indeed!