Like Meccano, only for masochists….

by wjohngalloway

Spent most of today building a Greenhouse. Only slightly daunted by the HUGE number of aluminium struts in a wide variety of lengths and extrusions I tore into the job with aplomb…only to come to a crashing halt when I realised it shouldn’t look like The Angel of the North and I’d probably better read the instructions! After only an hour or so of remedial work I was back on track and the beast only awaits glazing, which is tomorrows job. I’d say if I get started at first light I should be finished just in time to start driving to the Channel Tunnel on the way to the Galloway summer hols around 9pm, assuming a minimum of toilet breaks of course.

I’ll post some pics of the beast tomorrow. The world needs more pics of shoddily built greenhouses! ;o)