Carpe Diem

by wjohngalloway


Just before I left the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op way too many years ago a young man joined the coop by the name of Dougie Moffatt. Talented cyclist and a damn fine rock climber (waaay better technically than I ever was even at my prime). Dougie (Barks to his chums) is one of those annoying gits who’s pretty much good at whatever he turns his hand to but remains irritatingly likeable. He’s not numbered amongst the poor sods who are burdened with my close friendship, but I’m genuinely chuffed whenever I run into him and would cross the street to have a chat should I see him. (which is the exact opposite of my normal behaviour!)

(Note to coop era chums, you may well know Dougie but suffice to say Davie P holds him in high regard.)

Anyway, some time in May Dougie had what appears to be a fairly big stroke and, despite what seemed like an initially poor prognosis, has demonstrated the will and spirit that makes him a good climber to make steps towards recovery. It’ll be a long road but he has friends and family around him. His dad’s started a great blog about how Dougie’s doing which his chums are following.

Point of this story?

You know sceptic me, but pray or send positive vibes in Dougie’s direction, I certainly am.

Seize the day people, who knows what tomorrow will bring.