5 Miles Sweating on the Eildons (Just Don’t Call It Running!).

by wjohngalloway

Had a great time yesterday moving as fast as I could over and around The Eildon hills above Melrose. Good tracks for what passes as running in my world (4mph average won’t have the Olympic Selectors knocking on my door). The dog was fine company and weather fantastic .
There are worse places to live than the Scottish Borders eh?

See Obama has finally passed the winning line……not sure baseline America is ready for a president of any colour other than white. Hope I’m wrong.


Today, Thursday, my legs are too sore for any meaningful exercise. Cycling is certainly less destructive on the joints than attempting to run (particularly if fat).

Tomorrow the mutt and I are heading, in our fell wobbling fashion, up Broad Law. At 840m it’s the second highest pimple in the Southern Uplands (Oooh, it’s a Corbett!) . If I’m not back by Sunday send a search party! ;o)