Sensible deployment of resources

by wjohngalloway

As the last post indicated there’s an element of floundering in the Galloway psyche.

So… most sensible folk would conclude, the best way to deal with this is to focus, and focus I have, I’ve spent a large proportion of the last few days on a vital task.

So…what task?

Finding a solution to the problems of Palestine?

Burying, or not burying, Schrodingers Cat?

Resolving the paradoxes of the female mind?

Nope….I’ve spent the better part of ten hours nailing the guitar part of the live version of Celebration Day from The Song Remains The Same soundtrack.

I must have spent 100’s of hours playing it on Air Guitar as a teenager and now I can be as sloppy as Page in the real world.

Happy day!

Looking forward to the arrival of AAH in bonnie Scotland next week.