Now I’m starting to worry! (as if it’s not years too late!)

by wjohngalloway

This is a video of a song written for the video. JC wrote the song based around an essentially random selection of photos culled from Flickr.
Fine and dandy, clever song, well constructed, nice playing, lovely voice.
I love Jonathan Coulton (not that way). He writes clever and moving songs with a twist that can cast a fresh light on the human condition (and make you laugh…a lot).
What worries me is the man’s fans (of whom I suppose I’m one). They’re just weird! (and mostly weedy)
Alex (middle sprogg) and I journeyed to London to see JC play his first gig outside the states last month and whilst waiting in the queue Alex was moved to say that he thought we could easily take any of the other 500 folk waiting in a fight….and he was right!

This particular piece of weirdness is fan produced content and proves my point. Too much World of Warcraft!
I’ll just listen to the music and try to ignore the others who are also out there……listening….and waiting…………

Note, I’m on pain medication so the usual disclaimers apply