The Blogging Postman (An as yet undiscovered Dennis Potter play?)

by wjohngalloway

Well, today I was having fun trying to work out a new walking route for West Linton Village (and sundry new housing developments). Is anybody outside Peebles Delivery Office interested?…..Nope….Do I care?….Nope.

Training worries became moot when I realised I had delivered to 600 houses and after 6 months on van duties I can say I’m properly knackered! (with sore feet!)

Thoughts from today?

1: I LOVE being a postie.

2: I’m reading/listening to more books than I have in years (and I’m a voracious reader anyway). Today we had Spikes’ “Adolf Hitler, My Part In His Downfall” read by Paul Merton, tomorrow we’re on to some Kurt Vonnegut…..after that I’m finishing Al Gore’s “Assault On Reason” and having my weekly fix of Homer

3: For borderline sociopaths (no names, no packdrill) things like “The Twitter” may actually serve a useful purpose.