Rust Never Sleeps

by wjohngalloway

Still got a cold and now earache! God, you’d think I was still a competitive cyclist based on the breadth and frequency of my (alleged) ailments!

Today I came face to face with what I think is going to be the BIG problem when it comes to reconciling real life with goals. I started work waaaay early (hey, I’m a Postman!). Due to staff sick leave and an amusing event involving another postie, a dubious handbrake and an driverless post van careering down 100 metres of woodland on Venlaw Hill and finishing trashed and hanging from a single sapling above a main road……I didn’t finish delivering until 4pm. Could you find the motivation to go training after that? Yeah? Well mister, You’re a better man than I! (Page era Yardbirds song reference earns a drink for Sofaboy).

So, default (if wheezy and deaf) postal exercise. Walking with a bag, sweating, having a good time. Listened to Macbreak Weekly, The Talk Show, Ranulph Fiennes biography of Captain Scott and Good to Be Bad (the new? Whitesnake album).

If I’m to achieve a fraction of what I want from the rest of my life I need to work out how to balance the work/training thing and leave time for Ailsa and the kids.