Baaad day….kind of..

by wjohngalloway

First off the important shit. I dropped my iPhone, dented the top and raised the silver surround slightly! The love of my life is flawed now. The Phantom of the Opera in phone form. How shall I go on? Answer: 3G version due soon………….anybody who’s heard “Laptop Like You” by Jonanthan Coulton  (It’s on the “Other Experiments” album) will get the rough idea.

Fitness wise? Excellent exercise day (2 hours with pulse at level 2) but a teensy bit flawed on the diet. Let’s just say beer and Paninis featured large. ;o(

Cycling wise? Time to get excited folks, the Tour of Flanders is this weekend!

Spring Classics follow one after the other for the next few weeks. Oooooh… men with shaved legs in lycra! Doing stuff even (formerly) decent cyclists like me stand in awe of at speeds that make you cry.

Watch if you can.